Ghana Society for the Protection & Care of Animals works throughout Ghana to promote kindness & improved care of animals; they encourage broad implementation of Ghana's animal cruelty laws; & they promote protection of Ghana's environment

Ghana SPCA is an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-governmental organization located in west Africa, in Accra, Ghana. Since 2004, the Ghana SPCA has been promoting Humane Education in schools to increase awareness of the needs and care of animals, mainly cats, dogs, and donkeys.


GSPCA works with school administrators to set up Humane Education Programmes in primary and secondary schools and then, they mentor teachers so they become comfortable and skilled at teaching GSPCA’s Humane Education curriculum.  GSPCA continuously monitors progress of HE teachers and students and is always available to provide assistance. 


GSPCA also sponsors Humane Ed field trips for students who participate in the HE Programme.  Field trips offer an opportunity for students to learn about animal care and welfare, wildlife conservation, and careers in animal-related fields.

Recently, GSPCA investigated the donkey meat and skin trade and researched measures to discourage the trade.  The trade in donkey meat and skin is creating a great deal of suffering for donkeys and it has an overwhelming negative impact on impoverished families in Ghana.

Ghana SPCA is a Partner Organization of Animal-Kind International. Animal-Kind International raises money for GSPCA and provides Humane Education material and technical support.

At schools where GSPCA's Humane Ed Program is taught, students form after school clubs called Kindness Clubs. Kindness Clubs implement projects in their communities that help animals and their caretakers. The Cheetah Kindness Club at St. Dominic R/C School held a Rabies Clinic in Taifa Burkina on 30 March 2019. You can watch the video here-it's short and FUN! And check out the Rabies Education program at St. Dominic, held the day before the clinic-there was an amazing turn-out and great enthusiasm for the program! 

We thank Donkeys for Africa magazine for publishing this informative article in their October edition about donkeys in Ghana and GSPCA's work to help them, see page 7: http://www.donkeysforafrica.org/dfa_october19_flipfile/mobile/index.html

In this video below, students in GSPCA's Kindness Clubs in Upper East Region tell us why they value donkeys: 

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