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Ghana Society for the Protection & Care of Animals Team

Ghana SPCA Volunteers & Board Members

The Main GSPCA Volunteers are:

David Nyoagbe is co-founder and chairman of the Ghana SPCA.  David has been involved in animal welfare in Ghana since 1988 when he joined an Animal Kindness Club (a school-affiliated animal welfare club). In 1990, David became the club leader.  In 1996, the World Society for the Protection of Animals' head of Humane Education in Africa visited Ghana and designated David (along with Roland, a teacher in Kumasi) a Kindness Club Coordinator. Together, David and Roland established and mentored 200 Kindness Clubs throughout the country. Roland and David eventually decided that they would have more credibility and could make a greater impact if they set up an organization. On April 1, 2004, the Ghana SPCA was officially registered as an animal welfare organization with David and Roland as the founders.

Aluizah Amasaba Abdul-Yakeen is Humane Education Specialist for the Ghana SPCA. Aluizah is a journalist and photographer, with interests in human and animal welfare. When not overseeing the GSPCA Humane Ed Programme, where he mentors teachers and students, Aluizah works as a freelance journalist and photographer, covering issues such as refugees, human rights, political freedom, and animal welfare. Aluizah was a Communication Support Officer in the ActionAid programme office in Zebilla in the upper east region of Ghana. While in Zebilla, in 2016, Aluizah started a Humane Education programme and also organized the 1st ever Donkey and Dog Vet Clinic in Zebilla, which provided rabies vaccinations, de-worming, and vet check-ups. Originally trained as a teacher, Aluizah is as comfortable in the classroom as he is covering political and human rights stories for online media.     


GSPCA Board Members are:

David Nyoagbe is co-founder and chairman of the Ghana SPCA. 


Dr. Richard Suu-Ire has been a board member since the founding of the Ghana SPCA, Dr. Suu-Ire was the vet at the Accra and Kumasi Zoos and is a veterinary epidemiologist at Ghana's Veterinary Services Department.


Aluizah Amasaba Abdul-Yakeen is the GSPCA's Humane Educator, overseeing the GSPCA Humane Education Programme.


Emmanuel Tetteh is a marketer.


Ali Napo is a journalist.

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